Monday, July 22, 2013

quick weekend getaway

Last week Monday Chris suggested we go camping on the weekend! We quickly checked out Waterton Springs Campground (a great campground just outside Waterton Park). They had 1 spot available and we snatched it up! We packed everything up on Thursday, then Chris and I worked Friday and headed out after work. We didn't have time to do anything Friday night, but Saturday was filled with all kinds of Waterton traditions...

We all made it up Bear's Hump! (those stairs they added are HUGE, poor little Blakelee could barely make it up some of them!)

Then we headed over to the Prince of Wales Hotel. The last time we were in Waterton the kids wanted to know what that big house was, so we told them, Kayla asked where the wales were :) then this weekend Blake said, it's the dolphin house! 

We stopped by the cabin to see Grandpa Ted (my grandpa) and he invited us to go fishing. We spent the afternoon on the boat enjoying the sunshine and beautiful scenery. We didn't catch any fish, but it was still lots of fun.

We stopped by the big scoop for the traditional icecream cone and Kayla had chocolate, can you tell?

S'mores by the campfire made even better with Velata caramel milk chocolate!! YUM

Sunday morning before church we stopped by Cameron Falls and climbed up to the lookout. Kayla wanted to stay all day long!

Goodbye Waterton, but only for a few weeks, we'll be back!!

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