Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Booster Juice

Now that Ryker has learned to suck through a straw no drink will ever be safe again. Especially a booster juice. Ryker seems to have taken a liking to anything cold, like booster juice, orange julius, and milkshakes. The other day we got Booster Juice and Ryker managed to charm his dad into giving him (Ryker) his (dad's) booster juice. it was 1/2 gone by the time we got home. Then, at home. He stole my booster juice and just about finnished that one off!

Ryker's haircut

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Ok, Tina, you've inspired me...I just read your blog about your two month goals. I too have been trying to improve my health. I can't blame it on my son, it was my choice to eat McDonald's fries and chocolate so often. I try to blame it on my low iron (also my fault, but I'm not quite ready to go there yet, so I'll suffer through Iron pills every day), which makes me tired all the time. I have so many excuses that really aren't good excuses. So, it stops here. I've already registered for ladiesfest (an 8km run) in June. Training will be essential (otherwise I'll pass out before I can finnish). I know I won't finnish first (or even 10th), but I want to be able to finnish without feeling like I'm going to die.
-->run/walk/ride bike at least 4 times a week (I can do this, Ryker and I can go to the library the long way, we can ride bikes as a family, I can go out when Chris is home and I need a break)
-->eat good foods (no more eating out)
-->stop eating after 7:30pm
-->eat breakfast
-->limit treats/junk (notice I'm not cutting it out, I think all things in moderation is my motto here)
-->do yoga/pilates twice a week (to start)

Please ask about my progress. I'll keep you posted on how things are going. (thanks Tina, for the extra boost, good luck to you too)
There are so many things I want to do in my life. Like any goal, I need to write it down and be accountable. Otherwise, I'll never do anything, and no one will know how lazy I am. So, here are some things that I want to do...(some are short term, some are long term)
1. be in a triathlon
2. visit every province and territory
3. visit every state
4. return to the philippines
5. finnish my nursing degree
6. go to switzerland
7. have more kids
8. go in a hot air balloon
9. run a marathon
10. see Stomp
11. go to Mount Everest
12. serve a mission with Chris
13. go to new zealand
14. read the Book of Mormon each year
15. relearn to play the piano
that looks like a good start, I'll keep adding to it.