Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do things that SCARE you!

So, my last post was about doing things that are HARD. Today, my post is about doing things that SCARE you. There is a difference...my last triathlon (in Fort Macleod) was hard. I wasn't scared or really concerned, I knew it would be hard, but it didn't really scare me. My next triathlon, Banff, scares me!!!! It's an open water swim, in Banff, the mountains, in September, it's going to be COLD!! The bike course will not be closed to traffic (crazy, unpredictable tourists!) and we are to beware of wildlife on the road (specifically big horn sheep!) that could be interesting. The run is the only thing that doesn't scare me! But it's a HUGE event, there will be olympic athletes, it's a qualifying race for other big time races. There's going to be tons of people. I'm not going to let me fear take over, I will succeed and I will be so happy when I cross the finish line!

What are YOU going to do that scares you?

Once you do that thing, you'll realize that it didn't kill you and that you can do AMAZING things!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hard things

Two years ago I was in charge of our family reunion (my dad's family). It was a very hard thing to do, with 10 siblings, the Michel Family has grown to be a very large family! We do the reunion every three years. I made the theme of the reunion We Can Do Hard Things. Planning the reunion and trying to make it a great experience for so many people was a hard thing for me, but when everyone had a great time, it was worth the stress and hard work I had to do.

This summer I have been training for a triathlon. My first triathlon was 4 years ago and I loved it. I've wanted to do it again and this year was a great time. I signed up for the Fort Macleod triathlon, sprint distance. (This was my first full triathlon ever, supersprint distance). I've since added a Stirling triathlon (completed 2 weeks ago), and Banff (Sept 7)! But Fort Macleod was still that one I wanted to do! Then I got sick!!! I was home in bed with strep throat for 3 days! I was finally feeling better on Friday, but still not 100%. Saturday I felt good, but I knew I had no reserves (no food for a week will drain any stores you have)!

Through the entire event I struggled with myself. In the pool I stuggled to breathe and had to go slow. On the bike the wind was blowing against me and I had to go up the worst hill I've ever seen!, on the run I felt like puking on the side of the road. But then, in the pool I felt smooth with my stroke, after the turnaround the hill wasn't so bad and the wind was at my back, on the run...I knew I was almost done (I did walk most of the 5 k, but it was all I could do)!

I've never cried when I finished a race, but I did that day. It was HARD, but I DID it! I could have not done it, or I could have quit, but I pushed through and I did it! Banff is going to be a cakewalk now! (not really, but I'm excited for it).

I really think that doing hard things is something we should always be striving for. To try hard things and then accomplish them brings a feeling better than trying something you know you'll be good at. So go and do something HARD!

please note, my hard things aren't nearly as hard as others, but we all need to dig deep to get through the hard things in our lives!