Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm a believer

For anyone considering acupuncture for anything...go for it! I can't say how impressed I am with it. As you may recall from my previous post about bell's palsy, I have had a rough few weeks. On Monday I went for my first acupuncture treatment (ever) and the results were amazing! All weekend I was in pain almost constantly only relieved by Tylenol 3's (which I didn't take during the day because they knock me out). After monday I have only taken 2 and haven't used any in the last 3 days. I've also got back most of my muscle control to my face. which means, I can smile, my eye doesn't bother me and I hardly notice that I don't have full control. I've got another treatment on Friday, which I'm hoping will fix it all and take away the mild ache that I still occassionally feel.
Thank you all for your prayers and concern for me, I really needed it. Now I just have to finnish packing and get all the stupid paperwork done to finalize all the buying and selling.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Freedom to vote

I am not from California, but I can't help but comment on what is happening there recently...
In the recent vote California also voted on "proposition 8" regarding marriage...proposition that amended the state Constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman. 52% of voters said yes, making same-sex marriage illigal in the state of California.

Here is my personal belief. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As such, I believe that marriage is a sacred union of a man and a woman. I don't agree with same-sex unions, but I don't hate those that choose to live that way.

After the vote, it should be done. However, it is not. There have been protests and even acts of vandalism, most of which have been targeted at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Most recently the Los Angeles temple was targeted and subsequently closed for most of Thursday.
The Church has released a statement regarding recent events. Also of interest to me was the statements released by Catholic bishops in Sacramento and Salt Lake. I particularly liked the following statement

“I call upon the supporters of same-sex marriage to live by their own words — and to refrain from discrimination against religion and to exercise tolerance for those who differ from them. I call upon them to accept the will of the people of California in the passage of Proposition 8.” Bishop William Weigand, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento.

I do not wish to offend others with this post, however, I do wish all of you to know my belief on this issue. We need to stand up for what we believe when called upon to do so, then when the time has passed accept the consequences gracefully.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bell's Palsy

This week has been a trial for me...last Saturday night I had a really bad headache, possibly the worse I've ever had. I went to bed early in hopes of it going away. When I woke up Sunday morning I still had the headache, Chris was good and let me sleep in a bit. When I did get up he was getting ready for church and I was talking to him. I smiled and he asked me what was wrong with my face. I told him it felt a little numb. I was getting concerned, but not too bad, until I tried to brush my teeth. You know that feeling after you go to the dentist and he tells you to spit, but all you can do is let it drool out of the side of your mouth? That's all I could do. So, we packed the kids up and went into Lethbridge to the emergency room (I won't go to the Urgent Care in Picture Butte, I'm a nurse and I know better).
The trip into town was long and scary for me, I had no control over the left side of my face and all I could think about was that I was having a stroke. Once we got to emerg they took me straight back (because the symptoms were of a stroke). The nurse took my vitals and did all that she could, then sent Dr. Kwan back. Dr. Kwan was great! Here I was, crying like a baby, and he reasured me that he was going to figure out what was wrong. When he found out I work in ICU he said, "you really are thinking the worst possible thing, aren't you?" Yes, I was! He reasured me that it was most likely Bell's Palsy, NOT a stroke. He did call Dr. Wynder in to reasure me (he's the neurologist in Lethbridge). and Dr. Wynder told me the same thing.
What is Bell's Palsy? basically, it's inflammation of the facial nerve, it tries to get out of a tiny hole in the skull and the pressure causes facial paralysis. they think it's caused by a virus (possibly herpes simplex, cold sores) and common in pregnancy (women are 3 times more likely to get it while pregnant, but they don't know why). it usually goes away after 10 days to a few weeks, but can become chronic. (jean cretien has chronic bell's palsy). i still can't control the left side of my mouth (can't spit, smile, and so many more things). my eye won't close all the way, so it's super dry (lots of eye drops and I tape it closed at night) and just generally annoying. i've got some pain from where the nerve tries to come through, but that is getting better. Now my facial muscles are starting to hurt (I don't know if that is normal). I've heard that acupuncture can help and someone suggested one in Lethbridge to me today, so I'm thinking about trying that. (It's not like I've got much to lose).
As for pictures, no way. I feel like a dork and can tell that people are wondering what's wrong with my face. I don't mind people asking, but I hate the look when they don't.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. Actually, I love most holidays! But I love seeing kids dressed up in all kinds of cute costumes. I was even smart this year and bought the kids costumes several weeks in advance, so we weren't stuck with the leftovers! My other favorite part of Halloween, carving pumpkins. I've gotten into the extreme pumpkins lately, though this year was pretty mild. I didn't get a picture of Chris' goalie mask pumpkin, though. I was impressed with his creativity. This year we had Pablo (from the Backyardigans) and a baby donkey-dragon (from Shrek 3)