Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joy School

So, many moons ago, when I was 3 or 4, my mom joined several other moms and we participated in Joy School. Last year I got thinking about it, and thought it would be fun for Ryker. I googled it, and came to a website where you had to join to access the program. I didn't join at the time, I didn't have anyone else to do it with and couldn't see myself doing it all alone. Then, a few weeks ago, a friend called and asked if I was interested in joining a group of moms to start Joy School for our kids. I got excited and agreed to join them. I signed up on the website (click here to check it out). and began preparing for Joy School to start. When I told Ryker about it, he got really excited (living across the street from the school he asks me almost every day if he can go to school). Next Tuesday is our first day and I am so excited! I got the music CDs in the mail yesterday and have been playing them for Ryker and Kayla all day (some of the songs are the original recordings from when I was in Joy School!)

What is Joy School?? It's like preschool (kinda) but the mom's take turns teaching for a week (2 days a week) at their home. the kids learn from different units (the joy of my body, the joy of the earth, the joy of sharing and service, etc) through songs, activities and stories.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Once a month

So, a friend sent me a link for a site called once a month mom. As I started reading it I get really excited. It's all about once a month cooking. You take one day and cook like crazy and come out with meals to put in the freezer for the entire month. This site is great because they have the menu/recipes/shopping list for each month that you can print out and go. you don't have to do any of that work!! I'm going to start this in September...hopefully I'll find someone to do it with me, if not, I'll have 2 months worth of meals (which include breakfast, lunch, AND dinner) as the recipes are enough for 2 families of 4. If you have any good freezer dinner recipes let me know, I'd love to hear about them...

Monday, August 3, 2009


Just over a week ago, on a beautiful Friday morning, I was up early with the front door open, enjoying the cool morning air before the heat set in. Ryker woke up, got dressed and sat on the front step waiting...He was waiting for the neighbors to wake up and come play for a little bit. He seemed to understand that he wouldn't be able to play with them like he has almost every day since the weather started getting nice. They were moving that day, and though they would be back to visit their grandma and grandpa, it would never be the same! Here's a few pictures of the kids playing that day. We miss you guys!