Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall is here

Well, summer went by way too fast. I can't believe that it's over. But we had a blast this summer and did lots of fun things. September has started out great too, with Chris home for two weeks of holidays. We've spent the time as holidays should be spent, together and having fun. We haven't really gone away, but as long as we're together, it doesn't matter, right.

For those of you that keep up with our lives here, but aren't on facebook, we're expecting baby #2. I'm due April 5th and feeling great. We're excited for this new addition to our family.


Why God Made Friends

God made the world with a heart full of love,
Then He looked down from Heaven above,

And saw that we all need a helping hand,
Someone to share with, who’ll understand.

He made special people to see us through
The glad times and the sad times, too;

A person on whom we can always depend,
Someone we can call a friend.

God made friends so we’ll carry a part
Of His perfect love in all our hearts.