Friday, October 16, 2009

did you notice i wasn't blogging???

Well, it's been awhile since I last blogged. Life has been super busy and I'm trying to catch up with everything. The blog has been ignored, because, well, does anyone really care what I've been doing? I still keep up with my list of friends. (if you have a blog and it's not on my list, send me the link, I'd like to stalk you through your blog).
Here's a few of the things that are on my mind these days...

My kids. wow, three kids is busy. I really love my kids and love hanging out with them all day. Ryker is LOVING joy school (we'll do a big joy school post another time) and I love taking my turn teaching (I'm super excited for the Halloween party we're having). Kayla is in nursery now. It's so nice for her to have somewhere she is allowed to run around and play, and have a snack, and play with her brother and friends at church. She's our "silent" kid, 18 months and not talking...Ryker likes to talk for her. Blakelee is getting soooo big! It truly amazes me how fast they grow. Blake and I are part of a program for a grade 5 class where we go in and visit the class once a month during the school year and they get to watch how she grows and develops. we had our first class today and it was so fun to visit with the kids and see how excited they were to meet her (she loved the attention).

church. I've got a new calling in church. I'm the 2nd counsellor in the primary. I'm excited to be a part of primary. I don't really know the kids in our ward, so I am slowing learning their names (don't know if it's age, or babies that have turned my brain into mush! it's harder now to remember names). It's been fun so far, and I get to teach my first Sharing Time this Sunday. I'm a little nervous, but it'll be great!

work. Well, I've been off for 18 months, it's time to go back. I applied for a great position at the Taber Hospital and now I'm just waiting to hear when my start date is. It's a casual with benefits position that guarantees me 8 (8h) shifts in 4 weeks. The shifts are based on my availability and so I can work when Chris is able to stay home with the kids. I love the flexibility of nursing and I am looking forward to the opportunity to stretch my brain.

photography. business is slow, but I'm keeping at it. I love taking pictures so I'll continue doing what I love! (let me know if you want pictures done for Christmas, I'm sure I can squeeze you in)

surgery. well, I never thought that I would be excited to lose a part of my body or have surgery that didn't end with a new baby, but I am. About a month ago I had this awful pain in my chest, I'd had it before, but never that bad. It was so bad, in fact that I made Chris take me to the hospital (I almost called the ambulance, but he said he could get me there faster). I thought I was having a heart attack the pain was so bad. They did an ECG, and all the things they do in emerg, then told me it was probably my gallbladder (stupid cheesewiz!) and booked an ultrasound. Gallstones! terrible, awful things! "lots of gallstones" as the report said. my family doc referred me to a surgeon (of my choice, I went with the cowboy, had luck with cowboys so far, my ob is a cowboy) who told me he would take it out. there wasn't even the option of having the stones removed (which didn't really bother me). his office called today and said they had a cancellation, would I like to go in next friday, otherwise i would have to wait until December. Yes, I'll take Friday. It's a day procedure, they go in through the bellybutton and suck it out (kinda). I just have to "take it easy" for a week. ever try to take it easy with 3 kids under the age of 4?? we'll survive, and the pain will be gone (I've had more "attacks" but nothing that sent me back to emerg).

books. I have 5 new books waiting to be read (plus a few from the library waiting to be picked up). so, I've got to get cracking....but, if you're looking for a good read, try Still Alice by Lisa Genova. It's a great book about Alzheimer's from the perspective of a 50 year old professor at Harvard that gets early onset Alzheimer's. It will change your perspective of Alzheimer's. If you know anyone with Alzheimer's, I would suggest you read it (and I bet most of you know someone with it). I found it at Walmart and think it's worth buying. (if you live close to me and would like to borrow it, just let me know).

well, that's it for now. can't wait to hear what you've been up to...