Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rhythmic Gymnastics

I started rhythmic gymnastics a long time ago. I loved it! I have always wanted to coach, and now I have the opportunity...I am joining up with the Taber Gymnastics Fitness Club (click for a link to their blog). I am so excited to coach! I thought I'd post a few great videos for those of you that don't know what Rhythmic Gymnastics is all about...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I LOVE my jobs!

I consider myself lucky. I know there are a LOT of people out there that HATE their jobs, so much so that it causes physical pain. I am lucky because I have 3, soon to be 4, jobs that I LOVE! My number 1 job is being a mother. I know that there are many days that I don't really love it, but in the long run, it is the best job EVER. My kids amaze me, and I love when they give me a hug or say "I love you" just because. What more can I say? I love my job as MOM.

Job number 2 is the job that pays the bills, and most often, that is the job that is hated the most. So many people work only to pay the bills and look forward to the day when they don't have to do that job any more! But, I LOVE my "work" job. I love the work I do in the operating room (and it's not just because most of my patients are "asleep"). I love the challenge of learning something new every time I go to work. I love the people that I work with! That's what makes the most difference. we have a great team in the Taber operating room. Thanks to all that make my job great!

I'm going to skip to my upcoming job number 4...starting this september I get to start coaching Rhythmic Gymnastics. For those that don't know what that is...it's gymnastics with ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, clubs. instead of bars, beam, vault. I miss it so much since I was young and I've always wanted to coach, now I can! I'm looking forward to teaching and growing!

Now for job number 3. I must say that this is the best job EVER! (If you HATE your "work" job, just ask how I can help you make the move to something you LOVE). SCENTSY. I don't just love it because I'm addicted and it feeds my addiction (oh boy does it ever!). I don't just love it because it gives me a little extra each month to spend on what I WANT (with minimal work to get that money). I don't just love it because of the great incentives offered to consultants (check out the great warmer I earned this summer!).
I love it because Scentsy is an amazing company, run by some AMAZING people. Heidi and Orville Thompson are so...I can't think of a word amazing enough...they give and give and give some more! At the recent Scentsy convention in Texas, Heidi spoke on the power of one. Part of her keynote speech was a challenge to post sticky notes with encouraging thoughts for others to come after you. I was so touched by her words! maybe I'm the ONE, or maybe it's YOU! don't let the moment pass you by, no matter what it is...a kind word, a hug, or even a smile can make the difference in the life of others. So, watch out for my sticky notes (beware, they could be anywhere, even facebook)! This is a clip from Heidi...

this video is an example of how amazing Heidi and Orville are...