Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the wrong book

I love books! I love to read! I've always had tons of book available to me (I love the library). When we started having kids I always made sure that we had lots of kids books and we read to them every day. I always wanted my kids to love reading as much as I do. Christmas and birthdays always bring new books. This year for Ryker's birthday he got a book called The Wrong Book by Nick Bland. It's a book about Nicholas Ickle, who is trying to tell his story but keeps getting interupted. Today Ryker was upset that Kayla was trying to take the book (insert screaming here), I let them work it out and the next thing I heard was Ryker "reading" the book to Kayla (he has the entire book memorized) and Kayla repeating the parts she knew (this is a big step in her speech, she's doing awesome with her speech) and Blake listening intently. These are the moments I love the most about being a mom!