Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I've never really been big on celebrating Valentine's Day, just the usual valentine's cards in elementary school (when did valentine's become more than just a card with names??). I don't expect Chris to get me flowers or chocolates. The kids did get toast with a heart this morning (cinnamon toast to boot), and they'll get a treat after dinner tonight. I did want to blog about love or hearts or something...

It seems appropriate that I am currently reading Before my Heart Stops by Paul Cardall. It is a book of his life with "half a heart". I'm really enjoying this book, not sure if it's because I worked in PICU where we treated "heart kids"

This is the remarkable true story of one man's struggle to survive long enough to get a second chance at life.

Award-winning musician and popular speaker Paul Cardall was born, essentially, with half a heart. After living more than three decades with a congenital heart defect and undergoing six major heart surgeries and numberless procedures, Paul was informed that his heart would not beat much longer.

"Paul was a poor candidate for a heart transplant," says Angela T. Yetman, MD. "It would be technically difficult and possibly fatal ... but Paul was determined to beat the odds." And beat them he did.

Along the way, Paul wrote down his thoughts, feelings, and observations in an online blog called "Living for Eden," named for his three-year-old daughter. This book reflects those blog entries and additional intimate insight into a miraculous journey that convincingly shows that God knows us personally and that we are put here on earth for a reason.

Paul says, "I'm a witness that these soul-stretching experiences can offer us, if we let them, joy, wisdom, happiness, and a personal relationship with God."

After reading his story, you might also ponder the question, What do I need to do with my life ... before my heart stops?

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