Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas is almost here...

a friend suggested an elf on the shelf to help the kids be "nice" in the time before Christmas. Here's our elf, we named him Munchkin, and he watches during the day and takes a report back to Santa at night. He finds a new place to watch each day (the kids really like finding him in a new place every day)

a few pictures of our tree...nothing special, but it's ours!

some new wall art I found!

here's my latest addition to my nativity collection. I made it for Super Saturday this year, it was super easy and looks great now (it is finished, I just didn't get a picture of the final project)

some of my other nativities...

This is my favorite nativity..

here's for you unbelievers...I believe (I've also been watching Miracle on 34th Street)

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The Samples Sampler said...

"Munchkin" that's a great name. I LOVE the star on your tree! (As you can tell, my computer likes your blog today so I am trying to catch up while I can!)