Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer begins

I love the warm weather, after being inside most of the winter it's nice to be able to get outside every day (without bundling all the kids up).
Shelsea and her kids were down for the Cardston 1/2 marathon (go Shelsea and Mom), so we had a picnic at Henderson. For the past 6 months my sister, Cassidy, has been wanting to take Kayla to get her ears pierced, but can't seem to find someone that will do it...finally they decided to get them done that day. Shelsea found a cute set of studs, and they pierced them at the park! Kayla did really good, she cried when they did it, but was playing just a few minutes later. They look really cute, she looks like a little girl now, not my baby anymore!
We took some pictures in the park and had a great afternoon visiting...

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Michelle said...

Poor Kayla! I bet she looks adorable though! You need to try and get a better picture. I can't believe how big Ryker is getting! Crazy!