Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First horseback ride of the season

Ryker wanted to go for a horse ride at Lola and Grandpa's house the other day. Grandpa put him up on Maggie and he went for a ride up the "mountain". He would have rode her all day if we let him.
The new foul is fun to watch. I named her "Pepsi". A few (ok, more than a few) years ago the Michel reunion was a horse camp. We all brought horses and set up camp then went out on day trips. There was a horse named CoCo. Someone asked one of the cousins which was their favorite horse, they answered "Pepsi", meaning CoCo (Coke). I guess you had to be there! Anyway, the new horse is the colour of Pepsi.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie, we went up to waterton the other day with the horses, we went up to wall lake, took Tana, that was a fun ride. Lots of trees to go over, or around :)
We have done the horse camp too, we went up to south castle and did day trips, that was my absolute fav., I would love to do it again. Dad does overnighters in the mountains, but I have always had a baby at the time and can't go. Maybe this year!
Too fun! Keep havin it!
Trina (sorry too lazy to sign in!)