Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Quiet Sunday Morning

Even with just the three of us in our family Sunday mornings seem crazy. Chris is usually gone by 8am for meetings all morning. Leaving Ryker and I to get ready by our selves. Occasionally he'll have time to come home to get us, but often we'll have to get out of the house on our own. Usually I'll be trying to gather what I need for my lesson, Ryker's Sunday bag and snacks to keep him happy, as well as making sure we're both dressed and ready to go. This morning, though, things seem more under control. Ryker had a shower last night and is sleeping (since the afternoon nap will be delayed) I am ready to go and had a few minutes to just relax and prepare for the Sabbath day. I love the quiet sound of nothing...well, I had better get Ryker up and dressed so that we're not late for church. We're going to walk to church this morning, it's so beautiful outside!

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