Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve celebration

As the mother of 3 young children, New Year's Eve is a little different than when I was young...I was in bed by 10pm (though I was woken just after midnight by Kayla having growing pains!). But it was a great night with my family and a fabulous way to end the year.

Velata chocolate fondue, cheese and crackers

a very cheesy husband :)

sausage and potatoes on the raclette

then we did cold slab ice cream...
I chilled the granite top from the raclette in the freezer for several hours, then add ice cream (we did vanilla, but you can get creative and do different flavours)

add in some treats, I had a mini cupcake, smarties and velata milk chocolate. the kids liked crushed oreos, kitkats and smarties.

mix it all together 

Enjoy! It was AWESOME!

here's the stuff we had to add in, mini cupcakes, apple pie filling, chopped kitkats, smarties, and oreos, caramel sauce and velata milk chocolate.
I think next time it would be fun to do a banana split theme, bananas, strawberries, Velata chocolate, caramel sauce, cherries, marshmallow cream, anything you want on a banana split!

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