Sunday, April 17, 2011


this has been a busy month so far...and all about Kayla!

We started on the first with Kayla's birthday. I decided that I would do some April Fool cupcakes. Peas and Carrots, mashed potatoes, and corn. They were delicious. Kayla got Tangled, and loves it. So much so, that she used some of the money she got to buy a new princess dress like Rapunzel's and some long golden hair to go with it!

It's been such a busy time that Kayla has taken to falling asleep under the kitchen table...

this is Kayla before her surgery. I brought some stuff home to prepare her so the masked faces wouldn't scare her.

We had a crazy play day with some friends. 2 new babies plus the crazy kids running around having a great time. We'll miss the Robison's when they move.

It was my Grossmutti's birthday this month (my grandma). and all that were close enough came for lunch and visiting in Cardston. This is only part of the family (more will be around for the reunion in July) and the picture was grandkids and great grandkids.

this is the cake that Cassidy made.

Our latest adventure happened this past friday. Kayla cries everytime I comb her hair, and NEVER lets me put pigtails in. This day she actually let me put in pigtails without a single tear. I was out late for bookclub the night before and so I decided to have a nap on friday afternoon. I woke to Ryker telling me that Kayla had cut her hair. I came out to see only one pigtail...I called my friend and hairdresser, Chandra, who told us to come right over! Chandra did a great job at fixing it! good thing Kayla is so cute, and that she's keeping her earrings in!

This picture is Kayla after I told her that Chandra was going to fix her hair. She picked some up off the floor and said "Chandra fix my hair", like she would be able to put it back on!

It was a bit more dramatic when the other pigtail was out.

She sat still through the entire fix! something else that she's never done before!

The finished cut looks really good and I think the short hair suits her (it's also way easier to comb her hair everyday!)

I've learned my more naps and the scissors are all locked up. We're still not sure if she had help. Kayla says Ryker helped. Ryker denies it. I believe Kayla.


The Samples Sampler said...

I believe Kayla too! Her hair looks cute.

Diana said...

Bahaa...I guess we will never know who the hair fairy is. The cut does suit her perfectly!