Friday, June 25, 2010

Another AWESOME thing...finding your keys

As I was reading my AWESOME book I read one entry about finding lost keys...You know, you are ready to walk out the door and you realize that you don't have your keys, you search and search, (he goes on and talks about stages of searching) then open your door and find them hanging out of the lock.
Well, a few weeks ago, as Chris was walking out the door to go to work after lunch he handed my keys to Kayla. First, never, ever give keys to Kayla! she loves playing with keys especially real ones. Second, if you do, keep an eye on her. I wasn't really paying attention and didn't see what she did with them. later that day I was looking for them and couldn't find them. I didn't really worry about it...days later we still hadn't found the keys (I totally blame Chris for this one). We went on vacation and I was quite concerned about leaving without my keys...who knows if she left them outside and someone picked them up, if we lose Chris' keys we don't have another spare...We went, no one used them to steal all our stuff, and we didn't lose Chris'. Then one day Chris asked Kayla to throw something in the sink, he watched her throw it in the garbage! We figured that my keys were long gone, having gone out with the garbage. A few days later I was getting ready for teacher leadership (for church) and needed somewhere to put some water bottles. I opened up a big bucket we had sitting in the hallway waiting to be taken downstairs...there were my keys!! it was AWESOME!!!!

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The Samples Sampler said...

Haha! Who gives a 2 year old keys?!? Seriously! Glad you found them (and that you can totally blame Chris)