Friday, October 24, 2008

It's official

All conditions were met for both houses and we officially have a new home in Taber! I'm excited, but not looking forward to moving, especially with Chris. I really hate moving with Chris, he is the biggest grump whenever we move (and will admit it). More news for us, we are currently expecting baby number 3.


Michelle said...

I am so glad things worked out for you! Good luck with the move!

Jerusha said...

Awesome when are you due. I am expecting #4 in May. Good luck with moving--my chris is not a mover either. I pack everything. The only thing he packs is his computers. Most of the time he gets out of unloading too, because I am the organized one. LUCKY. anyway once you're in it is a great feeling right.

Diana said...

I wanna house! Congrats on your new home and the new addition!