Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Some of you may know this already, but my kids go to bed at 6:30pm. YES, 6:30!! There is a reason for this...my kids are up EARLY! so what, you may say, 7:30 isn't so bad, yes, 8am would be nice, but 7:30 is doable. NO, that's a miracle if they sleep in until 7:30. When I say early, I mean EARLY...5:30am!! 6am if we're lucky!! This may be our own fault, Chris leaves for work at 6:30am, when I work (2 days/week) I'm up at 5:30 to leave by 6:30 as well. It doesn't matter what time we send them to bed (Kayla has been known to stay up will past 10pm), they are up early! So, to make sure they're happy and rested, bedtime is 6:30pm.
It actually works out pretty good for us, I'm done work at 3pm when I work, Chris is done at 3:30. Once everyone is home we can eat dinner 4:30/5pm, enjoy some time together, then send the kids to bed. It's actually kinda nice to have some quiet evening time to get stuff done.

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